What If You're the Other Woman

Chances are, you never dreamed of a life as the other woman. However, this doesn't mean you are evil. Good people sometimes end up in this tricky position. If you're involved with someone who's married and cheating, you need to think about the goal of this relationship. After all, the fruits of this complicated situation had better outweigh the risks.

First, do you want something long-term, or are you looking for something temporary and fun? Realize that, if you want something long-term, this is sticky territory. Not only will this person have to leave their marriage and partner, but it may not work out. People who cheat usually do so because they no longer want a monogamous relationship.

Understand the boundaries of the situation: Are you allowed to call him or her at home? Can you acknowledge him or her if you see them in the street? How secretive do the two of you need to be? When you commit to being the other woman in a relationship, you have to be aware of the complications that could arise and be willing to play by the rules.

If you are the other woman, you have to be at least somewhat okay with your partner's other life. If they have plans with their wife and family, you have to learn how to accept this. If you want the relationship to work in any capacity, you have to understand your time will be limited.

Make sure to keep yourself occupied with friends, family, work and hobbies. This way, you won't be waiting by the phone for your partner to call. You want your life to be full of more than just this relationship, especially if you don't know whether or not this person will leave the other relationship.

Try your best not to talk about his or her other family or to hate on the wife. You want the relationship to be productive, not one that exists in the past. You may not know their spouse, and, though you may be tempted to hate her or think unkind things about her, this will be unproductive. Additionally, don't deny the existence of his or her other family: Be honest with yourself about the situation.

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No relationship in the world is perfect.In most cases, these trials are easily worked through, but that is not the case when it becomes necessary to decide between surviving infidelity or ending the relationship. There are many things that need to be considered when choosing to continue with a marriage once a partner has cheated.

You can have an emotional affair, perhaps even without knowing it.You don't have to have sex with someone or engage in physical intimacy to have an affair.
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Infidelity might wreak havoc on a relationship, but dealing with infidelity does not have to necessarily mark the end. There is a chance that a couple can survive in their relationship.

If you are trying to rebuild trust in marriage, learn how to get through or get over it.

If your relationship has been marred because of cheating, all is not lost. Though rebuilding trust in relationships takes time, it is not impossible. Once you and your partner have decided that you truly want your relationship to work, you may be able to repair the relationship, as long as both of you are willing to put in the effort.
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