Amazing How Much We Can Learn From Dogs

Amazing how much we can learn by observing our dogs.  They don'?'t eat your last piece of chocolate cake, aggravate you on purpose, judge you when you do things you know you aren'?'t supposed to, and most importantly, they stand by you no matter what.

Just think, whenever you get come home Spot'?'s wagging his little tail waiting for you with great anticipation, licking your heels and ankles, and if you are lucky enough to have more than one of these adorable little creatures, you will find them competing to see who gets acknowledged first.  Whether they want to go potty or simply get a rub, they are always glad to see you.

Doesn't it make you wonder how a marriage could change if as a spouse you came home to a husband or wife who was genuinely glad to see you?  Waiting for you at the door with a kiss and rub on the shoulder, not a problem that needs to be solved, bill that needs to be paid or to use you as a sounding board to dump all of the days problems on; just a kiss, a rub and an ear in case you need someone to listen and, to top it off, a hot plate of food.

Some say, ?""Get real."  This is the real world?", while others actually choose to live this way. What better way to show someone you love them than to take a few lessons from "man's best friend."  How about instead of eating the last piece of cake, you grab two forks instead of one, then spoon feed your significant other the first bite.  What if after a huge argument, rather than waiting on your spouse to apologize, whether you're right or wrong, you took a leap of faith and apologized instead, and more importantly, decided to simply agree to disagree and forgive even if you know you're right?  Finally, how much energy does it take to say "I love you" before walking out of the door before going to work everyday?  Implementing just one of these changes could make a huge difference in your marriage today.  How much happier could two people be if they chose to think of their lifetime partner first rather than themselves?   If both parties are always thinking of the needs of the other first, then there would be no need for self preservation. 

Finally, love is an act of will, not a feeling, not a romantic gesture and certainly not passionate sex. While the aforementioned is certainly a byproduct of love, it is not love. Love in its purest form is simply, no matter what. 

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