Cool Off Before You Burn Out

Life is a marathon: You'll have to pace yourself if you ever want to make it to the finish line. Your everyday routine should be as relaxing as possible-or as relaxing as you can possibly make it! Too much stress, too much partying, practically too much anything will take a heavy toll on your body, soul and mind, making you feel and look old well before your time.

One of the leading causes of stress is-surprise, surprise-work. Whether you're an office worker or a stay-at-home parent, your everyday life can be a fast-paced battlefield of emotions. Getting caught up in this drama is a quick path to exhaustion, which makes picking your battles all that more important.

You should see this world as a thorn bush: For the most part, you'll want to stay out unless you want to get pricked. But every now and then, you'll find something special in the middle of the bush worth risking a couple of nicks and scrapes for. Everything is about risk and reward, choose when to hang back and when to jump on in.

While the workplace is an obvious source of life-draining problems, so can be the life of indulgence. Remember the adage that "too much of a good thing is bad for you?" Sauntering to the local bar to spend a night out with friends is almost mandatory every now and then to keep you from going insane, but hitting the bar like it's going out of fashion will leave you with more than a nasty hangover the following morning. A heavy weekend of boozing can easily lead to a horrible week at work. It is a disastrous thing when, in the classic words of George Costanza, "two worlds collide."

Don't strap on your running shoes like you're about to run the 100-yard dash, or, like the hare, you'll crash and burn before you even got started. Instead, act like you're about to run a 10k. And remember, it's not about coming first; it's all about finishing.

Keep your body clean, your mind clear and your heart pumping if you want to make the most out of life.

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