Five Steps to a Good Marriage

Marriage is a challenge for every couple, simply because all humans eventually have some sort of conflict that may cause them to seek independence from the other individual. Plenty of marriages fail, and there are a variety of reasons that they dissolve over time. For those that want to make it work, here are five steps to building a happy and satisfying marriage.


The concept of communication can be a bit generic, but in the case of marriage it refers to dialogue that should occur on a regular basis between couples. Communication is about regular conversation, but it is also about identifying issues that need to be addressed. Couples need to learn how to talk at appropriate times and how to phrase their feelings so that dialogue is productive.

Quality time

Married couples still need to date. Each couple enjoys doing different things, but spending quality time together allows for there to be ongoing romance and interpersonal connections. Too often couples take the relationship for granted and assume that they do not need to pursue the other person anymore. Unfortunately, a lack of quality time can cause couples to drift apart.

Anticipating change

When couples get married, there can be a sense of joy, and there is often a "honeymoon period" when everything in the relationship is fun. Over time, the individual people are going to change and that will impact the relationship. Rather than fight certain types of change, couples should anticipate that change and plan to adapt with it.


A successful marriage is often about attitude. Couples who are determined to make things work will do better than individuals who enter marriage with an attitude that they can always get out if things fall apart. Attitude cannot solve every problem, but if people want to make a marriage work, they have to decide that they are going to put in the required effort.

Outside help

There are times when couples cannot necessarily solve every problem on their own. Sometimes they need to talk with other individuals, and in some situations there may be benefits to chatting with another couple about their relationship. Some couples seek the help of a counselor who can help mediate problems. The key to a successful marriage is to recognize when help is needed so that issues can be addressed before they become too divisive to be repaired.

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