Warning Signs of Workaholics

It is normal for a person to work hard at a job, but there's a fine line between working hard and becoming a workaholic. If your partner is a workaholic, your relationship could end up being affected because he or she will have less time and energy to focus on you and the relationship. If you can spot the warming signs of workaholics, you can talk to them before things get out of hand.

One major sign that you're married to a workaholic is if he or she brings the office home on a consistent basis. It's normal that there may be nights where your loved one has to work at home on a major project or during a busy time of year, but it's another thing entirely if he or she is always plugged into their computer, phone or working in their office. If you find they're working more than they are talking or engaging with you, then it could mean you have a workaholic as a spouse.

Think about the amount of time he or she spends with you. If you can't remember the last time the two of you went out on a date night but know most of his or her nights are spent working, this is another major sign. Think about your vacations: can he or she stand to be away from the office for more than a day, and if they can, do they bring work along on the vacation? These are two things that definitely say that your loved one has an issue with working.

Consider the conversations you and your spouse have. If he or she can't seem to talk about anything other than work, then there is a sign that your loved one's priorities are with work and not with you. Does your spouse forget anniversaries and birthdays but remember his or her boss's or coworkers' birthdays? If so, you could have a workaholic for a spouse.

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