The Keys To A Successful Marriage

      In a marriage, there are keys to keeping your relationship alive. Communication, trust, and intimacy are the main and important keys to a marriage. The number one reason for divorce in the United States is communication. 

       Communication is the most important key to a marriage and any relationship because if you do not have any kind of communication, then how do you expect your significant other to know how you are feeling about a certain situation. If you do not communicate about how you feel about things then how can you be open and know that your partner feels the same way of not. There are two different kind of communication, open and honest. Open communication is where you are open to share any thing with your partner. Honest communication is where you are open and you express how you really feel about things. Keeping your feelings hidden inside just makes matters worse. For example, if you are talking about what you want to do that weekend, and your partner wants to have it his or her way all the time that is not good communication. When you are married, you wont every thing to be equal and if you let your anger just build up inside, it will explode. When your feelings explode, you can say things that you really do not mean and that will hurt the relationship. 

      The next important key to a marriage is trust. If you do not have trust in a marriage then there will be problems. Not trusting leads to pushing your partner away from you and not trusting can lead to ending a relationship. If you can not trust the person you are with, then there is no reason to stay together and get married. Trusting is a part of communication. If you hide something from your past or hiding something that you did behind your partners back, that will cause him or her to not trust you. That is caused by not communicating to your partner about who you are and what you did and why you did it. Trust is a big part of communication.

       Intimacy is the last important key to a marriage because if you do not have intimacy, then how do you expect to have romance in your life. Intimacy keeps the relationship alive and going. If there is no intimacy then there could be trust issues and your relationship will lead to be boring and can bring your partner to be drawn to some one else to full fill his or her needs. If that happens, then that will cause trust issues in the relationship or cause your partner to leave you.

      Keep all these things in mind because they all play a important role in a relationship when you are married and dating. If you follow all these keys in dating, then you will find your self with the man of your dreams and you will get married and have a family of your own.



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