Can Marriage Problems Be Resolved Without Marriage Counseling

No one wants to believe that marriage problems are affecting them, but when this realization sets in, it's time to make some major decisions. It is possible to save a marriage without marriage counseling. However, people should know that dealing with marriage problems can be more difficult without a counselor present and that dealing with marriage problems will take a lot of time, commitment and communication.

First, you and your partner need to talk about whether or not you want this marriage to work. You both have to be completely committed to working out your marriage problems or it's not going to work, with or without marriage counseling. Sit down and talk about the marriage, your love for one another and what you want the future to look like. If you see light at the end of the tunnel, then you're on the right track.

Next, talk about what needs to be different. What are the problems each of you sees? One person may see problems the other overlooks. Thus, it is important to talk about the course of the relationship and what you do or do not want from the marriage. Once you know how each person perceives the marriage and its problems, then the issues can be dealt with immediately.

Work on making short term and long term goals. You want to not only address the day to day actions but also what you want out of the future. Take small steps and be sure to talk along the way. Think about why you enjoy one another and take the time to rekindle what first attracted the two of you to one another. Go on dates, write one another emails and letters, and be sure to spend quality time together. The key to dealing with a marriage is to not only talk about the problems but to create some beautiful new memories together.

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