What Are the Best Gifts for Each Year of Marriage

When choosing gifts for each year of marriage, it's traditional to follow a centuries-old guideline that outlines the type or material of the gift. Originating in the Middle Ages for some milestones and solidified in the Victorian era, the anniversary gift tradition places increasing value and importance on the gift with the more years that pass. It's a romantic and creative way to ensure that the anniversary gifts each year are thoughtful and well-developed rather than hastily purchased.

Remembering the anniversary of a union is one of the best marriage tips for keeping the relationship strong. Recalling the commitments and vows that a couple made can remind busy husbands and wives to take the time to demonstrate their love for each other. It's also a time to rededicate to the goals of a happy life together. If the traditional gifts seem outdated as anniversary gifts, modern retailers have devised a more current anniversary list for couples seeking more updated anniversary gift ideas.

The First Five Years
Most modern anniversary gift lists have traditional gift ideas for the first five years of marriage, and then every fifth year after that. The first anniversary gift idea is traditionally paper items and the second anniversary is cotton goods. The third anniversary is symbolized by leather, while the fourth is represented by fruit or flowers. Celebrating with wood is a romantic way to honor a fifth wedding anniversary.

Milestone Anniversaries
The tenth wedding anniversary gift was tin or aluminum products, traditionally, while the fifteen means precious crystal. The twentieth anniversary gift is signified by fine china. Since medieval Europe, the 25th anniversary has been represented by silver, when German men would present their wives with a silver garland to mark 25 years of marriage. The 50th, known as the golden anniversary, is represented by gold, one of the most precious substances on earth to symbolize every precious year together. A diamond anniversary celebrates 60 years of matrimony.

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