Can Separation for a Troubled Marriage Help

Believe it or not, separation for a troubled marriage really can help. Often, what you and your spouse may need is the time and space to really evaluate not just your marriage but what you want from the future. By separating, you can decide if everything from whether or not you are still in love with your spouse to what's caused your breakdown in communication. The following are just some of the many things that separating can offer a troubled marriage.

Time Out
One of the best things about separation is that it gives you and your spouse a time out from your troubles. Instead of fighting day in and day out or not speaking to one another, the two of you can retreat to your separate corners of the world and can take a breather. This can give each of you perspective on what the main issues are in your marriage. If you're too close to the situation, you may be able to see where the cracks are or what's causing most of your issues.

Sense of Self
Sometimes, the issue with a marriage isn't your spouse: sometimes it's you. Separating can be a good thing for couples who have been together for quite some time. After a while, you may feel as if you have lost your sense of self. This could prove to be a valuable time because it may give you the space to revaluate not just your marriage but also your career, goals and outlook on life. By moving out of the home and working on defining who you are and what you want out of life, you will be better prepared to reengage with your spouse and with your marriage.

Planning for the Future
Separation can help a troubled marriage because it gives you and your spouse time and space to make a plan for the future. While apart, you can decide if marriage help is something you want to pursue. In time, if each of you does the work, takes some blame and with the help of something like marriage counseling, you and your loved one may patch things up and make your relationship that much stronger.

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