Is Separation Good for Marriage

Ask yourself "Is separation good for marriage?" before one of you starts packing boxes. A marriage separation is often a big deal for a couple, though it can be as innocent as needing a few weeks apart to get over some specific issues. However, it is important to note that separating from a spouse, no matter how little the time, can lead to a permanent dissolution of the marriage.

Below are some things to consider if you are having difficulties in your own marriage and are unsure whether to go through a separation or skip straight to a divorce.

The Benefits Of A Separation
Depending upon the separation laws in the state where you are married, you might still retain the same benefits that a marriage provides if you simply separate as oppose to divorce. This could mean continued health benefits, tax breaks or credit options. Because laws vary greatly depending on where you live, it is important to seek an attorney's advice. The biggest benefit to separation may be the very act of being apart. It may be enough to make you realize that you want to keep your spouse in your life and are willing to compromise, sacrifice or do whatever is needed to save your marriage.

The Drawbacks Of Separating
Legal separation means you cannot remarry, and you are not legally considered single for any reason. In order to regain single status, you must continue on with a divorce, which could cost just as much as a legal separation. Therefore, if you are sure that your marriage is over, you could save months of heartache and a lot of money if you skip the separation in lieu of the divorce.

The other obvious drawback to a separation is an unintended divorce. Spending so much time away from your spouse may make it easier to dissolve the marriage, even if it was not the original reason for spending time apart.

Weighing Your Options
If you are having difficulty with your marriage, deciding whether to separate or divorce is a big decision that neither of you should not take lightly. You should also not make the decision alone. Consult your attorney, local laws and the advice of a marriage professional before making a permanent choice that you may later regret. If you both go into a separation or divorce as informed and confident individuals, you will be able to move on with your lives more easily and with much less heartache and resentment.

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