Steps to Marriage Separation Reconciliation

If you follow the steps to marriage separation reconciliation, you could not only prevent divorce but could strengthen the bond you have with your spouse. The key to receiving marriage help is to keep an open mind and to be honest both with yourself and with your loved one. If each person is willing to communicate and show that he or she wants to work things out, then the marriage can be saved. The following are some of the basic steps to follow if you really do want to reconcile with your spouse.

If you are serious about wanting to work things out with your loved one, the first thing to do is to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure that you do not separate without guidelines for how long this separation will last, how you will communicate, and for how long. This way, you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once you know the expectations of the separation, be consistent about following them.

Next, you need to take a good hard look at your life and decide what you want from this marriage. At some point, you need to not only make a list of things you want your spouse to change but will also need to find it in you to admit fault. For the marriage to work, you will also need to change.

Make sure that you live your life during this separation. Sitting at home and pining by a window will do you no good. Instead, take the time to talk to friends and family members. Stay busy by making plans with loved ones, taking up a hobby and doing healthy things like going to the gym or taking walks.

While separated, consider whether or not marriage counseling is right for you and your spouse. Having an unbiased mediator may be what you and your loved one need to jump start your marriage.

If you know reconciliation is what you want, explain this to your loved one in specific and clear language. Make sure to listen to your spouse's response and to come up with a game plan about how to change your marriage. If each of you is willing to do the work, reconciliation after separation is more than possible.

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