Key Signs of Midlife Crisis in Men

The signs of a midlife crisis in men are more than buying a fast car and working out. Though these are the signs most commonly touted in films, television and books, there are other signs to look for. A midlife crisis is more than a husband leaving his wife of two decades. A midlife depression can result in as much anxiety and stress for the individual as the people around him. Thus, if you are aware of the key signs of a midlife crisis in men, you can help your man through his.

Contrary to popular belief, a midlife crisis is not all fun, games and fast cars. One of the most common things of the condition is a midlife depression. This is a time where people start to realize their mortality. This means that people may become obsessed with death or start to lose hope in humanity. A person in the grips of a midlife crisis may have trouble sleeping or may sleep all of the time. No matter how much they sleep, they will probably still feel tired. A midlife crisis is exactly what it sounds like: a crisis. Men dealing with this are bound to feel alone in the world and as if there is little to no future for them.

The media would like folks to believe that a mid-life crisis is a time where libido rises. Instead, the opposite is actually more common: men experience a decrease in sex drive and impotence. This is one of the many reasons they may run away from their responsibilities: they think they can not satisfy anyone, whether that be their wives or their employers.  

A drastic change in appearance is also a common sign of a midlife crisis. A man may start working out a lot more, even becoming obsessed with the gym, or he may put on a lot of weight all at once. Men experiencing a midlife crisis will definitely be more self-conscious about their appearance. This is because their skin is drying out, their hair is falling out, and their muscles ache.  In short, a midlife crisis means that men are feeling their age and freaking out about it. 

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