Creative Ways to Say I Love You

After a while, saying "I love you" can start to seem repetitive, more habit than feeling, but if you do it in a creative manner, you can keep the romance alive.

Saying "I love you" in a creative manner doesn't have to be a large-scale affair; you can do something unique and personal without spending a lot of money. For example, why not say I love you by mowing it in the land, writing it in the sand, or using chalk to write it on the driveway or sidewalk? You could take pinecones or rocks to spell the words out in a public or private place.

Think about your loved one and his or her interests and personality. If the object of your affection is shy, you may want to do something that doesn't involve the public. The unexpected "I love you" is usually one of the best surprises. Really, when it comes to saying "I love you," it's the thought that counts the most.

Slip little notes into your partner's car, lunchbox, pillowcase, or pockets. Think about baking cookies and writing a personal message to your loved one, having a coffee mug, handkerchief or bar of soap engraved or carved with a message, or even just sending your loved one a card in the mail.

If you think it wouldn't embarrass your partner, however, try media outlets like the newspaper, radio or even public access television to help you say "I love you." If your loved one loves baseball, you might want to compile a highlights reel or hang a banner at a televised baseball game.

The element of surprise is usually pretty crucial when thinking of creative ways with which to show and say that you love your partner, and enlisting help can make things easier.

If you know what the environment is like in your loved one's workplace, think about decorating their space (i.e. if they have a cubicle) or having one of his or her coworkers help decorate the staff room or even the workplace entryway.

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