Heat Up Your Love Life!

Looking for a little more passion in your budding romantic life? It's not always easy to figure out how to strike just the right chord for passion-you don't want to come on too strong but you want to make it known that getting closer is on your mind. Here's help: Check out this sign-by-sign guide for making sparks fly.

Aries: A fierce fire sign, so sparks are easy to kindle

For Him: Action! A little touch football works wonders. Sweat, breathe heavily, tackle… you know the rest.

For Her: Take her to a movie with some strong passionate scenes and give an opportunity for re-enactment afterward.

Taurus: A cautious earth sign, afraid of getting burned

For Him: The traditionalist in him will want to take the lead on this, so tilt your face upwards, pout your lips, lock eyes, and see what he does next.

For Her: Open doors for her, sit closely when possible, take her somewhere for a drink, guide her gently with your arm on her back, hold her hand. It's a natural progression.

Gemini: An inattentive air sign, tends to flicker

For Him: Boredom works. If there's too much distraction, he'll lose focus. Hang out with mood music only, and flirt until he gets it.

For Her: Focus on her words, watch her mouth, and listen to what she says. Then answer her with a passionate smooch to signal a change of subject.

Cancer: A shy water sign, scared of fire

For Him: Even if you think you're going slow, go even slower. He needs to feel comfortable. Anticipation is an amazing way to get him going.

For Her: Build trust by showing her you care for her feelings first. Focus on her eyes; give her every reason to trust you. That's her preferred foreplay.

Leo: A sunny fire sign, at home in the flames

For Him: He's used to getting what he wants so be just a little bit hard to get. He's the king of romance and will almost never pass on a pass.

For Her: She adores being adored. Shower her with accolades and appreciate her physique from top to bottom-from afar, and then up close. Take your time; she'll enjoy every minute.

Virgo: An analytical earth sign… will dry from too much heat

For Him: Somewhat compulsive, he needs to be calm and you need to be clean. Details matter. You can feed him a single perfect chocolate-covered strawberry (if he's not allergic), and he'll warm to you.

For Her: Let her spin out on her own jokes and when she hits a pause, give her a strong drink, tell her it will help her digestion, and go in for a lip lock. An element of surprise can work with her.

Libra: A love-kindling air sign who enjoys sparks

For Him: He loves beauty, harmony and peace. A playful argument where you are clearly wrong but very amusing can lead to an old movie-style kiss in the middle of the street.

For Her: Being part of a couple is a huge turn-on. Put your arm around her, include her when you talk about what you plan on doing next week, and ask her where her most romantic spot is-she'll show you.

Scorpio: A hot-to-trot but private water sign who easily uses fire to make steam

For Him: Control is key-and he wants it all. You can pull out every subtle, sensual trick you have but let him take the lead. He'll understand what you're saying and, given a quiet moment, he'll respond.

For Her: She's very shy but incredibly intuitive. She can sense passion at 100 yards. Give her some time to get used to your signals and if she doesn't run away, she's ready.

Sagittarius: A daring fire sign-they like it hot!

For Him: The ideal seduction takes place at 30,000 feet on your way to somewhere fascinating. More practically, a surprise weekend away or a hike in a secluded romantic spot will do the trick.

For Her: Dance. In her living room, under the stars, in front of an orchestra, just move with her groove, and she'll be yours.

Capricorn: A 5-star earth sign who likes a good, solid bonfire

For Him: He's in charge until it's playtime, when you get to be the cute little bossy-head of romance. Use your feminine wiles to stoke the flame, and he'll be happy to fuel the fire.

For Her: Nothing can be more luxe than a man in his tux. Give her a black-tie evening, Do the Prince Charming thing, and she'll give you some naughty princess behavior right back.

Aquarius: An unpredictable air sign who can flame up or out

For Him: Listen, love, and lean in for the kill. He's not the most aggressive mover so you have to show him you're interested in more than just his amazing mind.

For Her: She's smart but insecure. Treat her like a cover girl, take no notice of her quirks, and be very sure of yourself. She likes a strong guy and romance has to be all out or it will fizzle.

Pisces: The deepest romantic water sign; afraid (quite rightly) of jumping from frying pan to fire

For Him: He's a manly guy with a heavy heart. Let him feel lightness and love from you before you make your move. Trust before lust.

For Her: Your best move is honesty. Give her heartfelt, honeyed words and spicy suggestions along with some sparkling wine.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback. Her website is www.barriedolnick.com.

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