How to Romance a Man on Valentine's Day

Learning how to romance a man is key to a successful relationship. As much as you might like to be the one who gets romanced, relationships are a two way street. While it's easy to think about what would make you feel special on Valentine's Day-a dozen roses, a well-planned date, a sweet gift-the trick is to find the romance your man desires.

Surprise Him
Do something that will catch your guy off guard. Guys often have short attention spans for the mushy and gushy and are usually thrilled by the unexpected. If he always plans your dates or Valentine's Day nights out, take the reigns and tell him you'll do the planning. Or sneak home from work early and set up your home for a romantic evening in.

Think Like a Man
A candlelit dinner and a bath with rose petals can be sweet-if you're a girl. But remember that you want to know how to romance a man. Take him to a concert or to see his favorite team, plan a weekend away to the casino or go to the park for a picnic and pack the Frisbee or football to toss around. You won't always find romance the traditional way. Even though you might think you need to have deep conversations or whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears, sometimes a good laugh or sharing a new experience can ignite the romance flame, too.

Be Thoughtful
You appreciate it when your guy brings you flowers or a cupcake from your favorite bakery, right? The same concept applies in how to romance a man. Cook his favorite dinner for him or pick up a six-pack of that hard-to-find microbrew he loves.

Seduce Him
Sure, you probably don't have to do much to get your guy interested in sex, but he'll appreciate the extra effort anyway. Take the time to look your best and don't just wear something your man likes, wear something you'll also feel amazing in, so you exude that sexy, confident attitude that guys love. New lingerie, talking dirty and initiating foreplay are all good ways, too.

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