How to Spice Up Relationships

It may be time to learn how to spice up relationships if you are feeling a tad lazy or bored with your partner. Adding some pizzazz to your relationship can make all the difference for both of you.

Send your lover some flowers at work. It doesn't matter whether the recipient is male or female. Not only will making the effort to send flowers please your partner, your partner's co-workers will be jealous, giving you man or woman a special buzz.

Remember how you used to treat each other when you first started dating? Sometimes all of the lovey-dovey stuff gets lost in everyday life. It doesn't take a lot of time to call your partner unexpectedly and say "I love you." Nor does it take a lot of time to turn that peck goodbye in the morning into a little passion. Hold hands more often. Put some love notes on the mirror for your partner to find in the morning. Better yet, make the notes coupons redeemable for a kiss or a massage.

Reach out in the middle of the night and touch your partner. Even if he or she isn't completely awake, it will register.

Set aside a date night and keep it. However, don't do go to the same place and do the same thing every time. Take turns surprising each other. One week, go the movies. The next week, take a picnic and go to the beach. Just make sure that you put thought into where you are going and what you will be doing every time that it is your turn to decide.

Call in sick. Go to an amusement park and scream on the rollercoasters. Pick up last minute matinee tickets for that play that you wanted to see. Look at the clouds overhead and see which ones look like animals. Use your imagination. You are sure to find ways to fill in an unexpected free day.

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