Keeping Up Love and Romance After Kids

Having children doesn't mean that your romantic life is over. Though having children makes love and romance a bit more complicated, you can still find time to rekindle the spark. As long as you plan ahead and remember that the details are as important as the big picture, you and your loved one can fall in love again and again.

Make sure to have a date night at least once a month. If you and your partner can manage once a week, this is even better. Ask friends and family members or even your older children if they will help with babysitting, and make sure to go somewhere romantic. Place a "we will not talk about the children" rule on the table and have fun. Think about some of your more romantic dates or memories: This will help set the mood.

Come up with code words to use around the children. Having little secrets helps keep the romance alive, even when you're making your thousandth peanut butter and jelly sandwich or patching up a scraped knee. Remember that the smallest of things will make all the difference. Just being considerate and offering a few surprises, like flowers for no reason, can go a long way. Romance takes work, but you don't have to wait for the big dates or holidays to show you care.

Communication is key not only to keeping the romance alive in a relationship but also to any kind of relationship. Make sure to touch base with your loved one at least once a day. Naturally, you will want to make plans around the kids, but include a few other non-kid topics. This will keep you updated on your lives and your thoughts. Make sure to talk to one another when you do have a moment alone, even if it's in the grocery store.

At least once a year, plan a romantic getaway that involves just the two of you. If you take the time for one another, romance will stay part of your day-to-day life.

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These romance tips can help you keeping your marriage alive and rekindle the romance.

Having kids takes work, is often exhausting and consumes time and attention. While wonderful and fulfilling, parenthood isn't all there is in a marriage. Busy parents need to focus on their relationship as a couple, too. Here are some ways to set aside time for each other and keep romance alive.
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