Set the Mood With the Bedroom Lighting

A romantic evening at home is enhanced by soft, warm bedroom lighting. Once you've turned off the glaring overhead light, you can try these pointers to create the mood:

Candles: A variety of candles set around the room adds softness and a warm flicker to the room. Avoid scented candles, especially for a candlelit dinner, unless you love the smell and want to enjoy it for a long evening. Otherwise, the smell of the candle and the smell of the food will clash.

Also, be sure that you have the proper safety measures in place if you will place candles in different locations. Use a plate or piece of foil underneath the candle to catch drips if needed, and always put the candle securely in a candle holder. Do not put candles near flammable curtains, cloths, underneath a low-hanging cabinet, close to the ceiling or on a high piece of furniture where you can't see it if it tips over.

Lamp Shades: Set out a few table lamps if you own them. If they have adjustable settings, turn them to low, and be sure they have shades. Some people like to hang a piece of fabric over the shade to give a warmer color to the light, but make sure that the fabric is far away from the bulb so it doesn't burn or smoke. Cotton is better than silk for this application. You can also purchase soft or warm-colored low wattage bulbs for the table lamps that will also add the desired effects.

Fire: As with candles, a fire in a fireplace creates a beautiful inviting glow that sets a romantic mood almost instantly. The heat the fire provides is also relaxing. A fire in the fireplace and a few candles around the room can be all you need to spark a romance.

However, with candles and fires, always be safe. Blow or put them out before leaving for bed. Use care around them, and be aware that they are burning safely.

Whatever method you choose, you want the room to be slightly dim, but not dark. You may not have enough light to read comfortably, but you should be able to see where you are and get around the room without bumping into things. If you are squinting or struggling, add lights. If you can't see the candles flickering shadows on the wall, turn the lights down a bit.

Finally, a dimmer switch is great for adjusting overall room lighting as needed. If you have that available, use it to help adjust the lighting to just the right level.

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