Spice Up the Bedroom: Designing Ideas

A master bedroom can evolve from the romantic epicenter of a home to a quick-stop haven for sleep. Kids, obligations, even career needs can creep into the bedroom, but with the right eye for detail, reclaiming the romance of a couple's bedroom is not only possible, but much easier than you might have thought.

Do Not Disturb
If you've modeled your room to serve as a bedroom/office, it's time to readjust your manner of thinking. Your bedroom should be limited to your basic needs - and work does not qualify. Desks and computers need not take up space in your bedroom.  Instead, set up a small table with candles or a framed photograph of you and your partner.

Children are their parents' joy, but their needs too shouldn't extend into the bedroom. It's one thing for parents to offer up a space in their bed when their youngster has had a nightmare, but it's something else to use your bedroom as extra storage space for toys.  You work long hours as a parent, which means you deserve to let your nighttime hours center around your relationship with your sweetie.

Fabulous Fabric
Never forget the way the right fabric can instantly up the romance factor in a bedroom. You don't have to replace your cotton sheets with satin or drape yourself in velvet, but you can learn the power of accent pieces.

Adding a few decadent throw pillows or a fleece blanket with a satin border infuses your bedroom design with just enough luxury to spice up your love life but continue to live your day to day.

Hot Hues
An easy way to spice up your bedroom is to give the walls a makeover. Find a new color - ideally one that still matches with your accessories, but even those pieces can be replaced over time - and spend  a weekend giving your bedroom an overhaul.  A new look gives even the most established bedroom pieces a new look. A sense of unfamiliarity makes your bedroom feel less like your space, more like a luxurious hotel room, which can really jazz up life in the romance department.

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