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Many marriages fail but you can try to prevent that especially if you and your spouse are really much in love. To keep your marriage happy and exciting, you have to have and keep communication. Keep in mind that things will change but you don't have to change so much with the time, be who you were when you two met because that's who they fell in love with but also keep in mind that people do have to grow up but grow together.
Try new things as a couple and make time for one another.
Compliment your spouse at least once a day and make it something good. Do things once and awhile without him/her asking you to do it first. Keep the small things in mind, they really do mean a lot more sometimes than the big things. Take turns do certain things far as if one always cooks or puts the kids to bed, how about stepping up to say honey I got it tonight or better yet do it together. Have fun with each other, play around sometimes. Here are some examples:

  • Pillow fight
  • Ladies play a game that your husband enjoys and Men do a game that your wife likes.
  • Go old school and play truth or dare even change up the rules, try making it a love truth or dare.
  • Play a question game, find out things you didn?'t know or forgot about your spouse-this could be a way for the two of you to open up.
  • Have a date night-this is so important to have time for yourselves especially if you have children.

Know that it?'s some things you can make work and others you can?'t, but at least try. If it?'s things that you don?'t like your it just gets on your nerves, think about the things that you love about your spouse and to make it easier make a list but think really hard if those things that get on your nerves and you don?'t like are things you can live with or not. To think to yourself if there things that make you not want to be in love with your husband or wife. If it means a lot to you to keep your marriage going then remember why you fell in love. One last key fact: know what turns or spouse on and off because what happens in the bedroom is not that important but it could make a whole lot of difference in making your spouse happy.

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