Marriage Cheating Signs to Look For

Marriage cheating signs are often subtle and confusing. There is no definitive list that you can check off to know your spouse is cheating. However, there are some common themes that can be indicators that your spouse may be straying from the marriage.

If you do suspect your spouse of cheating, it's important not to jump to any conclusions. If you have proof of cheating, then you need to make the decision to stay or go. If you don't know what to do, it's important to seek some private marriage advice from a trained therapist. If you decide to stay, it's vital that the both of you are open and honest about the problem. It's also vital you seek some marriage help, such as counseling.

Marriage Cheating Signs

  • Lack of intimacy can be a big warning sign that your spouse may be cheating. Though every couple goes through its ups and downs in a relationship, a sudden and long lack of physical and emotional intimacy means your spouse is pulling away from you. There can be several reasons for this problem, such as depression or stress. However, one of the most prominent reasons for pulling away is that he is getting that physical and emotional intimacy somewhere else.
  • An odd, new schedule that seems to have no logical explanation can also be a big sign that your spouse is cheating. While you shouldn't get worried if he has an odd work meeting once a year, it's reasonable to be worried if it happens all the time. Rushing off suddenly, leaving at odd times and bumbling explanations of an emergency can all be warnings of an affair.
  • Mysterious phone calls that seem to cause fluster or discomfort may be an indication that your spouse is cheating. While it's not unusual to get a wrong call now and again, it's definitely not normal for it to suddenly start happening all the time. If your spouse receives calls at odd times, such as early in the morning or late at night, or if she suddenly refuses to talk on the phone in your presence, you also have reason to be very suspicious.
  • Lying frequently, even about small things, can be a sign that your spouse is cheating. If you keep catching him in small lies, you have to wonder what big lies he's getting away with. If telling small lies is not part of their basic, dramatic personality and the problem starts suddenly, you have serious reason to worry.
  • Social discomfort when your spouse is out with you can be a sign of cheating. If your spouse's friends and co-workers used to be warm to you, but suddenly start acting detached or uncomfortable around you, they might be trying to distance themselves from the problem. If you used to participate in group activities with your spouse's friends or co-workers and are suddenly excluded, it may also be a sign that they know a secret they're afraid of revealing.
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