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There is a common misconception that marriage counseling is the way to fix your relationship. Well the problem with conventional methods is that usually it takes both partners involved to put forth the effort. Now there's nothing wrong with this if both you and your partners want to fix the relationship and avoid the break-up. But what if your wife or husband doesn't want to save your marriage? You won't have much luck with these conventional counseling methods in that case. Now what if there were ways to stop your divorce and save your marriage even if your partner doesn't want to fix things?

The Beginning Is Wonderful

Relationships are always great when they start out. You both are new to eachother and discovering and seeing how great things can be together. As time passes you get used to eachother and if you don't keep things new and exciting there's a good chance you two will grow apart. Sooner or later one of you decides they've had enough and leaves to find something else more interesting.

Wake Up Call

Many times right at this point one of the partners "wakes up" and sees what's going on. What probably has been going on for months or sometimes even years un-noticed. You start to panic and freak out at the thought of losing the one you love and you start to beg. You plead with them to change their mind and promise all sortsa of things will change if they just stay.

Quit Begging! You're Not Helping!

The last thing you want to do is beg your significant other! Don't beg them to change their mind because they won't. And in fact you'll just end up making things worse. Don't make promises that you cannot keep because they won't believe you anyway, and if they did and you didn't come through well then you're just deeper in that hole. it's extremely hard to do or even think about but you must get on with your own life. Seeing that you can go on and live without them will actually draw them towards you. Sounds impossible, but it's true.

Get Outta The House! Live Life!

You can't just sit around all day and be the new dwarf mopey. That's not going to fix anything. You need to get out of the house and live a little! Now this doesn't mean go crazy and pretend like you are back in college or anything, but go out and have dinner, have a drink and hang out with your friends. One of the most important parts is this right here. You must must must try and continue your life, once again it will have the tendancy to draw your significant other towards you again. Don't  make it look or let them think that you've completely forgotten about them an moved on like a rolling tumble weed.

Don't be afraid to stay in contact. Don't over do it, but a nice hello how are you to let them know you are still thinking about them is always a plus. Seeing the problems before they become un-fixable never hurts either but sometimes it takes something drastic for people to realize how much they care and what exactly they have in front of them.

Finally, if this is the person you want, Don't give up! If you give up and say goodbye you will always wonder what could've been.


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