Great Gifts for Groomsmen

The last thing you need as the date of your wedding approaches is another decision to make. Still, you have to decide what to pick up for the groomsmen. There are traditional gifts that don't require too much consideration, or you can spend a little time and pick truly unique gifts for your groomsmen, gifts that the crew will remember for a long time to come.

Traditional is fine

If you've been to a lot of weddings, or know men who have, you may be familiar with the groomsmen's haul; something made of metal, possibly engraved, or a tie. There's nothing wrong with a tie, especially if it's an Hermes tie. Even better? An Hermes set of formal wear, a tie with pearl button covers for the tuxedo shirt.

Personalize it

It would be nice if all the groomsmen were exactly alike and liked the same things. If you were lucky enough to have a bunch of like-minded pals, gifting would be simpler. It may be better to pick one gift for each groomsman that matches his personality or wants. You may get the sports guy an authentic jersey from his favorite pro sports team, the next guy a Kindle E-reader, the next guy a portable hard drive, and so on. Just make sure all the gifts are within a few dollars of each other in price.

Top dollar

If you've got the money, you can go all out with the groomsmen's gifts. How about a 64GB iPod Touch for each of your wedding party buddies? A pair of business shoes for the well-heeled?

You can make the groomsmen's gift a part of the wedding weekend. This gift idea requires some planning and careful language to avoid the ire of your bride-to-be, but consider buying the groomsmen tickets to a sporting event held around the wedding date. Don't forget to spring for the hot dogs and beer.

Bottom lines

You've probably been working hard to save up for the wedding and honeymoon. Your bank account may be begging for mercy as the date approaches and you won't have the cash to spring for costly gifts for the groomsmen. It may be that the limitations on the amount you spend will make the decision easier. You can pick up a bunch of nice polo shirts at an outlet store, or order nice headphones online from a discount store.

Whatever you decide on, remember that you want your friends to remember your wedding date for as long as you will. You want it to be a special occasion. Avoid gag gifts (for instance, no blow up dolls). Pick something you have a reasonable idea your friends will like or find useful. You may think guys won't care too much, but you could be wrong.

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