Top Five Wedding Hair Don'ts

No one wants to look back on her wedding day and ask herself what she was thinking. After all the time you've spent finding the right dress and cultivating the right look, it is crucial to complete the image of bridal bliss with the right wedding hairstyle. Coming up with the right look means knowing what not to do before and on your big day.

Don't Procrastinate
Sure, you have countless other details to take care of - the seating chart alone is enough to drive you mad. Your wedding hairstyle, however, isn't a small decision. You're not going to seem vain if you spend a lot of time thinking about your hairstyle - this is something that affects your photos, your dress, your veil and the response your guests and groom have to you when you make your grand debut.
Take plenty of time to find the right look. Consult with stylists and flip through magazines. Ask your friends and loved ones for advice. Create a lookbook that you can show to the person in charge of styling your hair on your wedding day and test the look out ahead of time.

Don't Schedule Color or a Trim Right Before the Big Day
If you want to give your hair that sun-kissed look through highlights, be sure to schedule your salon visit at least 10 days, ideally 14, before your wedding. This window of time is a necessary precautionary buffer. While you might have gone to the same stylist for a decade without a problem, you never know when something might go wrong. It's better to have time for corrective color than to discover that your golden highlights have gone orange the day before the wedding.
The same is the case for getting your hair trimmed. A couple of weeks will make a huge difference when the stylist accidentally cuts your swoop bang into a fringe.

Don't Forget About Your Veil
If you elect to wear a veil during the wedding ceremony, think about whether your style will accommodate such an accessory. Additionally, think about whether it's easy to put on or take off the veil - if you want to skip the veil for the reception, you'll want to have a style that allows easy removal.

Don't Ignore Mother Nature
Mother Nature always likes to make an appearance at a wedding - and she loves to mess with a bride. If you have planned to keep your hair down and are getting married outside, be prepared in case the wind picks up. Have a contingency plan in place, just in case.

Don't Forget to Think Long Term
Your hairstyle needs to be able to stand the test of time on your wedding day: ceremony, photos, reception, dancing. This is the time to invest in bobby pins and hairspray, even if your everyday style is much more relaxed. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos and see that your style gave up on you before you even tossed the bouquet.

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