Bachelor Party Ideas You Won't Regret

If you're looking for bachelor party ideas, you may be wondering how to pull this off so it's a time the groom will remember with fondness and not with regret. The following are suggestions that won't cause a fight before the bride and groom even say their vows.

Bachelor Party Planning

As best man, you'll want to meet with the groom ahead of time to discuss the boundaries for the party. Planning may not be your forte, but, if you're in charge of the bachelor party, you've got to plan ahead, or your party will consist of a lame group of guys sitting around your apartment drinking beer and telling bad jokes. Ask the groom the following questions:

Who does he want at the party?

Make sure you get a full guest list and talk through the ramifications of inviting certain people.

When does he want the party?

Find out what date he wants the party. Most men prefer the party to be a week before the actual wedding date, but if the groom has special relatives or friends coming in from out of town who won't be around that early, he may want the party to be the Friday night before the wedding. If that's the case, you might need to tone down your plans. The bride will never forgive you if the groom shows up at the altar hung over.

What are the groom's bachelor party ideas?

Ask him outright what kind of party he wants, and remember this is his bachelor party, not your bachelor party. You may be fantasizing about exotic dancers, but your buddy might have other ideas for the night. You don't have to divulge all of your plans (half the fun is the surprise), but find out if he wants a bonding weekend with his buddies, a wild and crazy party before he settles down, or a heart-racing weekend of physical activity that his spouse-to-be would never allow him to do, like parachuting out of an airplane or rock climbing in the mountains. Does the groom want a whole weekend of fun or one night?

Bachelor Party Ideas

If you're having a bit of trouble coming up with some good ideas for bachelor party fun, check out these suggestions:

A Boys' Night Out. Consider planning a night of eating out at a steakhouse, toasting and roasting the groom over some meat and potatoes and beer and then hitting a pool club or cigar room of a classy pub. Dare the groom to order a drink for a gorgeous woman in the establishment, just to show he's still got style. Reserve the party room of the place, bring along a video tape of the groom's life and tease him about his mistakes so he'll learn his lessons before he begins his new life as a married man.

A Boys' Night In. Order up some wings, nachos and beer and settle in for an all-night poker game, complete with cigars and high stakes.

Play Ball. If a sports outing is more the groom's style, consider renting a private box at a stadium event, planning a golf weekend or renting a ski chalet for a weekend on the slopes. Make sure the event involves good friends and a large dose of ribbing the groom.

Get Extreme. If the groom wants to be a daredevil during his bachelor's party, consider planning a paintball game, kayaking, going camping, scuba diving or spelunking.

Gamble for Good Luck. If the groom likes to gamble, consider booking a weekend in Las Vegas or checking out a local casino with his best buds. Book a hotel room, go to some racy shows and enjoy the cigars and alcohol as the groom does his worst at blackjack or roulette.

Traditional Bachelor Party Ideas

If the groom wants the traditional last fling with freedom before he marries kind of party, start with cocktails at a restaurant where any more conservative relatives or friends will feel comfortable. At the end of dinner, say goodbye to those who go to bed early, and take a limo around town as you live it up. Start with bar-hopping, and end with a trip to a gentleman's club, or hire an exotic dancer at a rented penthouse suite or hotel room.

Hiring an exotic dancer is a little tougher than just finding an ad in the paper and picking up the phone. Ask friends for advice about entertainment services, and request a written contract with a description of services provided.

Keeping Things From Going Too Far

You want the groom to enjoy this night, not to regret it for the rest of his marriage. Before the party starts, write out the rules. Have everyone sign a bachelor party pledge beforehand promising not to embarrass the groom, take incriminating photos, touch the exotic dancer or get them kicked out of the bar. Even if you've already discussed boundaries with the groom, talk to him again.

Also establish bouncers ahead of time. Pick one or two guys you know are trustworthy (and strong), and talk to them about any concerns you may have with any of the guests invited. Ask these guys to help you in case anyone gets out of control. It's always good to have someone big on your side when you're dealing with a roomful of intoxicated men.

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