Bridal Registry: Select Kitchen Gadgets

That special day is drawing closer, and it is time to do your bridal registry. Many brides make the mistake of only registering for larger items and forget all about the smaller things they will need. Be sure to select kitchen gadgets for your registry, too.

Necessary tools and gadgets

It is difficult to work in the kitchen without certain tools and gadgets. Some of these would include different types of large spoons: wooden ones, regular ones, slotted ones and ladles. These could be both metal and/or nonstick.

Be sure to include items for baking. You will need measuring spoons, measuring cups (both plastic and glass), a rolling pin, a flour sifter and plastic spatulas. These items are a must for your bridal registry.

If you need help getting those pie crusts just right, you may want to add a nonslip pastry mat. These have the different sizes of pie crusts printed on them so you can roll it out to the perfect size for your pie plate. They also help keep your counter clean, making clean up much easier.

Another item that will be a tremendous asset to your kitchen is a timer. You won't have to worry about burning those special dishes or desserts. They come in all shapes and sizes, so register for the one you like best.

Fun gadgets

If you are one of those people that cry when you peel or chop onions, choose onion goggles. They are guaranteed to protect your eyes. Made from a high grade of plastic, they fit snuggly around your eyes and the top of your nose, preventing the juice from affecting the eyes.

A corn cob cutter is the perfect gadget if you want to take the kernels off the cob. You simply stand the cob up on the end, place the cutter over the top and slowly slide it down. The circular blade is adjustable so it will fit different diameters.

Do you hate the mess of putting butter on corn on the cob? A butter spreader is the gadget you need. Add a half stick of butter to the container, insert the plunger and gently press down as you spread the butter evenly over the corn. The edges are slightly curved to fit perfectly over the cob.

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