Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

She's engaged and the next big event before the wedding is her bridal shower. This is a time when the bride-to-be will be the focus of the love and happiness that the guests have for her. Planning the perfect bridal shower is the icing on the cake.

The theme

Talk with the bride before planning the shower and allow her to share her ideas. The theme that you choose will determine the decorations that will be used. It will also play a big part in helping to choose the food, the place and the games.

The guests

It is usually wise to speak with the bride before making up the guest list. She will want to invite her family, relatives and friends, along with those of her future husband, who live nearby. No one else should be included in the list unless they are to provide some type of entertainment.

The date

The wedding shower should never be planned for more than three months ahead of the wedding date. The best time is two to four weeks before the wedding. The purpose of the shower is to give guests an opportunity to spend quality time with the bride-to-be and to get everyone excited about the upcoming wedding.

The location

This will be determined in part by the theme of the wedding shower. Over the years, the bride may have dreamed of a place where she would like to gather with her special friends and family for a shower. If so, this is the place that you should choose.

The menu

The menu may vary depending on the type of setting that has been chosen for the wedding shower. In an informal setting, finger foods such as vegetable trays, finger sandwiches or cut-up fruit slices will work. A potluck style menu also works well for this type of shower. If the setting is formal, a catered meal would be best.

Don't forget the cake. This can be a miniature of the actual wedding cake, or it can be decorated according to the theme. A simple punch made from Kool-Aid and 7 Up or different types of soda will work for drinks.

The games

Planning the perfect wedding shower includes choosing games that will get everyone involved and that will keep the bride-to-be in the center of the limelight. Games that include prizes for the winner are the ones that guests enjoy the most. Prizes can be for the individual winners to keep or they can be items the winner can give to the bride-to-be for herself or for her new home.

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Hosting a bridal shower is one of the best gifts you can give to a friend who is getting married, but it can be stressful. Knowing the etiquette of throwing a shower will make it less so.

Planning perfect bridal showers involves more than choosing decorations and games. It means truly getting in touch with the bride's personality and deciding what kind of shower would please her. From there, everything from location and invitations to food to favors will fall into place.
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