Tips on Throwing a Great Bachelor Party

You're the best man, and the pressure is on. You're the caretaker of the groom in his hour of need. You hold him steady if he waivers. You have the wedding bands in your possession. Most important, perhaps, is that you're in charge of the bachelor party. You need tips on throwing a great bachelor party.

Girls, girls, girls

The groom's friends may be expecting two things and two things only: liquor and ladies. There's nothing terribly wrong with honoring this decades-old, traditional way for a groom to spend his final hours as a single man, unless, of course, the groom doesn't want it. Assuming he does, though:

  • Keep it discreet. Bind everyone who attends to honor a code of silence regarding what happens, no matter how insane it gets and how much you want to blog about it.
  • Keep it in check. Don't let things get out of hand. Don't let anyone do anything he might regret later, especially the groom.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. There will be partially or completely naked women at the event. Mixed with the lowered inhibitions caused by alcohol, this may not be such a great thing after all.
  • Keep it short. If you do decide to have an exotic dancer or two at the bachelor party, don't make it the featured event of the evening.

You may be considering a strip club to fulfill the liquor-and-ladies slot. It could be best to avoid that. Such a venue creates a prime opportunity for an embarrassing situation to unfold in public. Guys in groups, especially those consuming alcohol, tend to be more belligerent and obnoxious, especially with an audience where men are competing for the attention of women. If you must get strippers, invite them to a hotel room, and let them perform and leave.

Don't forget to treat such ladies with respect, and make sure your buddies do, as well.

Perhaps the best way to deal with liquor and ladies is just to hit a bar or a club or both. There will be a lot less for you to worry about. Start the evening at a great restaurant, and move on to the party.

Older bachelors

Older men on a second try at marriage may not be interested in a bachelor "party" at all. They may be more interested in a gathering of friends. Make reservations at a great restaurant, preferably a quiet one so that you all can talk and hear each other. Then adjourn to a bar, perhaps a sophisticated one with an older crowd.

Older men who aren't so staid and dignified may want to emulate the film Hot Tub Time Machine by reliving the days of their youths. It would be great if you and your pals could drive to a nearby ski chalet, but perhaps a friend's Jacuzzi will have to suffice. Bring some portable music, a collection of tunes from whichever decade holds the most sentimental value, and a healthy supply of alcohol.

All-purpose fun

Make a day of it. If all the groomsmen and friends can have a day off, start after lunch. Head to a sporting event, gather at the golf course for nine holes or head to the bowling alley. Afterward, get everyone back home, and fire up the grill and bring out the beer. If the guys aren't too sleepy from the high-protein meal and alcohol, regroup and hit the streets for a bar crawl.

You may also want to forgo the concept of the bachelor party and get together with the bride's friends. Work with the maid of honor to organize everything, and set up a big house party or jump into a giant stretch limousine and head to the clubs. This option takes pressure off the groom (no competing interests of having a great, manly time vs. not doing anything he doesn't want the bride to uncover) and allows one less thing for the bride to worry about.

Key master

Nothing spoils a party, or a wedding, like a DUI arrest (or worse). As best man, you should take on the responsibility of making sure everyone gets home safely. That includes making sure no one drives home under the influence. If you have a limo, the problem is solved. If not, take it upon yourself to be the designated driver. Collect keys at the beginning of the evening to play it safe.

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