Honeymoon Planning Tips

You are already swamped with everything you have on your plate planning your wedding, and now you have to worry about honeymoon planning as well. Planning something that is supposed to be fun shouldn't be overwhelming. You just need to think about the trip you want, how much time you plan to spend and your budget.

What Kind of Honeymoon Do You Want?

First of all, the two of you need to sit down and discuss what kind of honeymoon the two of you would like to have. High adventure, golf, romance, tropical, cruise, resort/spa, pampering and relaxation, sports or sightseeing? Don't worry if the two of you don't exactly see eye to eye on the type of honeymoon you want to have. Life is all about compromise, and this will be the first of many. Just remember it is your honeymoon, so make it something that both of you will enjoy.

So many all-inclusive destinations, fun resorts and honeymoon cruises are out there, and you should be able to find a location where you can do it all: get pampered, have romance, have fun and even play golf. Consider consulting a travel agent or honeymoon planner to help you plan a honeymoon where you can do it all. All-inclusive resorts and cruises often offer great honeymoon package deals. You may want to shop around first, though, and check on separate pricing just to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Do plenty of research on your location so you find out everything you need to know. Read about the climate and the culture. Also find out if you need passports or any other documents to enter your destination.

How Long Should You Go?

There is no set time for how long your honeymoon should last. Average honeymoons are around a week long, while some last only one night and others can last a month. It's all about how much time the two of you can afford to be away from home, away from work or away from other responsibilities. A romantic weekend getaway close to home can mean just as much as a honeymoon as a two-week trip to an exotic location.

Set a Budget

Your budget will determine everything about your honeymoon, from where you will go to how long you will stay and what you'll do while you are there. Take into consideration all contributions that are a sure thing, such as money your parents are giving you and money you have set aside. Do not count on gifts or maybes, but only what you already have or know you are going to have. If you still come up shorter than you would like, consider a honeymoon registry.

Money-Saving Tips

Need a honeymoon on a budget? Shop wisely, and save some green. Plan your honeymoon during the off-season to get fantastic rates. Use your travel miles, points and special deals for any discounts. Go with an all-inclusive package if the rates are cheaper. Shop early, too. You can always get deals in advance, especially on airfare.

If your budget is really tight, consider staying close to home, which will be cheaper in general. There are probably hundreds of locations in your own backyard that you have not explored yet.

Be Prepared

Have a backup plan in case of delayed or missed flights. Consider investing in travel insurance in case of any mishaps, missed connections or, even worse, bad weather. Whatever you do, avoid honeymooning during hurricane season.

You also want to have copies of all your documents, including passports, licenses, all IDs, credit cards, travelers' checks, hotel and flight numbers and reservations. Leave a copy at home with a trusted friend or family member.

Even though your head will be in the clouds from your wedded bliss, don't forget the standard travel rules. Leave your valuables at home. Don't carry a lot of cash. Keep your jewelry on you and your cash close at hand. Opt for credit cards and travelers checks whenever possible.

Depending on where you go, you may need special immunizations. Check with the US State Department and the Centers for Disease Control to determine if the areas you are traveling to may require any special preventive immunizations.


Your honeymoon planning doesn't have to be stressful. Start early, do your research and plan together. You can get your honeymoon planning out of the way early so that, when the time arrives, you'll end up be more than ready to get away after your big day.

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