Should Kids Go on Honeymoon Vacations

People may still blink with confusion at thought of children going along on honeymoon vacations. Reality is, however, that some couples are faced with whether they should take their children along on their honeymoon. Modern life creates modern problems. There is a definitive answer to the honeymoon planning conundrum, but it's trickier than you'd expect. That answer is maybe.

Although honeymoon trips are traditionally considered events reserved for brides and grooms, there are situations where bringing the kids along is the best choice. Maybe there are going to be new step-parents or step-siblings, so the honeymoon can serve as a security and bonding boost for the entire family.

Sometimes bringing the kids along on your honeymoon is the only choice. Maybe you or your spouse have recently given birth and are currently breastfeeding. Perhaps the child or children are developmentally disabled and have emotional issues if separated from a parent.

Best case scenario, couples should always go on their honeymoon alone, without bringing any family or friends. Newlyweds require and deserve this private, bonding vacation. However, as long as there is a legitimate and honest need, it's fine to bring children on your honeymoon.

Don't forget that even if you do bring the kids along, you and your new spouse still need some alone time on the trip. You must do some careful honeymoon planning to ensure that everyone, adult and child, will enjoy the vacation. Traditional honeymoon vacation packages definitely won't be suited to your needs.

Typical honeymoon cruises may not be an option if you're bringing the kids with you on your honeymoon, but there's a compromise that can create something close. Because cruises are usually family oriented, with lots of activities for every age group, they're also very versatile. Many offer kids-only or babysitting oriented activities that keep kids safe and amused, so the parents can sneak away for some adult time.

Fortunately, bringing children on the honeymoon is becoming a more common practice. Many resorts are starting to make accommodations for this new situation. Ask about special vacation packages at ski lodges, resorts, amusement parks, theme parks and spas that keep both the adults and kids happy. 

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