Design Your Own Engagement Ring

There are few things more important to a newly engaged woman than her new engagement ring. It serves as a reminder to both you and the rest of the world of your happy intentions. It also gets worn every day, so you want a lovely ring at which you can enjoy looking, not an ugly ring that makes you grimace.

Your loved one might be your own personal Prince Charming, but you can't always count on the fact that he'll be able to pick the perfect engagement ring for you. Many women simply choose to alleviate potential stress or awkwardness by going with their intended when he buys an engagement ring. If you want something extra special, think about creating unique engagement rings. You know your ring will be perfect if you designed it yourself.

Traditionally, a women's wedding ring is made of the decorated engagement ring and a simple wedding band. The wedding band is a scaled down version of the engagement ring, and should always be created as a perfect match. Your engagement ring should be flashing the real bling, acting as the determination of your overall wedding ring style.

Your first choice will be band material, whether to select gold, platinum or silver. Yellow gold and platinum are the most popular choices, but white gold has a growing group of fans. While gold is the most traditional selection, platinum will last much longer. Silver is mainly used as a cost-reducing option, since it's much more budget friendly.

Next, you will need to decide on the decoration. Most engagement rings feature a diamond. Remember the four Cs: clarity, color, cut and carat. Pick the setting according to the diamond's shape and think about adding a few small gems as a compliment to the main stone. Keep in mind, however, that a growing trend in engagement rings features other gemstones, such as emeralds or sapphires, with small diamonds as accents.

Most reputable jewelry stores will have experience creating unique engagement rings. Work with one of the jewelers so that they can help guide you to the perfect style. Try not to get too over creative about designing your own ring, though, as too many ideas tend to result in a very overworked and gaudy piece of jewelry.

If you want to get a good idea of how your unique engagement ring will look, try using one of the many internet sources or guides for custom ring creation. Many of these guides provide 3D illustrations of your desired ring, which helps prevent you from designing jewelry that you ultimately dislike.

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