How to Find Affordable Engagement Rings

Engagement rings can be quite pricey. However, it is possible for a person to find engagement rings that are as attractive as they are affordable. If a person is willing to do their research, they are bound to find the right affordable engagement ring for the partner of their dreams.

The key to finding affordable engagement rings is to do your research before you start looking for rings. Know what makes a gem valuable and how to spot flaws in a gem. A lot of minor flaws in gems are not noticeable to the naked eye or can be covered up once set in the ring. Thus, you could always invest in a gem with slight flaws that are covered up. Consider the color and choice of metal of the band; if your loved one doesn't have too many specifications, you can learn the average prices for different bands and choose one that isn't as expensive as others.

The gem of the ring is often the most expensive piece, and if you are creative with the cut and carat of the gem, the ring itself could be more affordable. Once you have the type of gem your loved one likes, you can then choose a cut that is not as expensive as others. For example, round cuts are generally more affordable because they are more available or popular whereas cuts princess cuts are more rare and thus more expensive.

Another great way to find affordable engagement rings is to take control over the situation and consider designing your own. This way, you can not only choose the size of the desired gem but also the setting and the metal used. This could end up cutting the cost of a ring down because you are thinking not only about the look of the ring but the cost of each of its parts. This way, you could still have a diamond ring but you could use synthetic stones to frame or surround the gem, and this could keep costs down.

Lastly, you should not be ashamed at looking for used engagement rings. This could be an easy way to find a beautiful ring at a lesser price. If you are cash strapped, consider looking everywhere from auctions to the Internet for rings that other people no longer want.

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When people shop for jewelry or rings, they often look at the gem cut before anything else. Unfortunately, they can confuse a gemstone's cut with its shape.

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Truth be told, unless you are trained to determine the difference between a cubic zirconia gemstone and a diamond gemstone, odds are you too will have some degree of trouble.

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