Engagement Party Invitations

Getting engaged is exciting and a reason to celebrate. Usually less formal than the wedding ceremony, engagement party invitations should reflect the tone of the party. This will give invited guests a chance to know what to expect in terms of dress and the party itself. Here's how to select the engagement party invitations that will set the scene for your celebration.

Choose the paper
The style of paper you select is extremely important to your invitation. Whether you're doing it yourself or having the printing done professionally, the design on the paper will give the guests as much information as the text itself. You can choose bright colors for a casual celebration, or muted sepia tones for an elegant affair, for instance. If you will be serving brunch, you might want the decorations to reflect a morning theme. For drinks and a light supper, many invitations come with pictures of glasses of wine clinking together in a toast, or a fancy bottle on a table. If you don't like to have pictures on your invitation, let the colors and design express the formality of your event. You should also choose a size for the invitation, which will determine the envelope size as well. You may want a half-fold or a full sheet folded in thirds, as a flyer.

Your choice of wording will also express the formality of the event. A cutesy poem is a fun way to start, or an elegant verse may also reflect the elegant event to come. The names of the couple and the names of those sponsoring the event for them should be there. You may choose to use last names of the couple or only first names, depending on the mix of people who are invited. For just family and close friends, last names are probably unnecessary. For coworkers or a wider-reaching guest list, you may need last names. "Bonnie and Jerry are getting married" is great if everyone knows who Bonnie and Jerry are. Of course, you need all of the relevant information - who the event is for, what is being celebrated, when the event will be, what time, where and how to RSVP. Any other important information, such as dress code, should be included as well.

Font choices
Fonts also set the mood on an invitation. Besides being careful to choose a readable font, some fonts suggest a fancy event through their use of calligraphy or fancy cursive, while others say casual celebration with more informal lettering. Bold should be reserved for headings, the names of the couple and other crucial information. 

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