How to Announce an Engagement to a Newspaper

Learning how to announce an engagement to a newspaper isn't terribly difficult. Most newspapers outline their particular announcement process to make it as easy as possible. Placing the announcement and sharing your family's happy news requires you to only follow a few simple steps. Of course, you want to be sure to follow the correct engagement announcement wording.

Whether filling out a standard form at the newspaper office or printing the applicable form available online, it is important to provide complete and accurate information that is preferably typed or legibly written. The editing staff won't correct errors in spelling of family names or other vital information.

Proofread the announcement form so that you are sure all of the information requested is provided, as well as that there are no incorrect or misspelled words in the text. The newspaper staff may do a cursory edit of the announcement, but they are not responsible if they publish the words you have written and one of those words happens to feature a major typo.

The tone of the announcement may be formal or informal, brief or long and entirely up to the couple's preferences. Use complete legal names for the announcement.

Engagement Announcement Tips
Traditionally, the bride's parents place the engagement announcements in the newspaper, but the groom's parents or the couple themselves can take on the task.

When filling out the request form, if a specific date has not been set for the wedding, a tentative timeframe is acceptable to use. Engagement announcements that do have a set wedding date may be placed in local and hometown newspapers at any time unless the particular newspaper has time restrictions regarding how far in advance an announcement with a set date can be made.

Check with the appropriate department at the newspaper regarding announcements with and without a set date to ensure the date you choose to have your announcement placed in the newspaper is available. If posting in multiple papers, check date availability at each paper.

The couple may choose to include engagement photos along with the submission form. Follow the newspaper guidelines regarding photo dimension requirements. Also, check whether pictures submitted are returnable via mail or available for pick up at the newspaper's office.

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