How to Announce Your Engagement to Friends and Family

It finally happened. That special man in your life has asked you to marry him, and you said, "yes!" Now you need to know how to announce your engagement to friends and family, being sure to follow proper engagement announcement wording.

With all of the technology available today, your first thought may be to send an email or text message so everyone will know the good news as quickly as possible. However, in most cases, a more traditional and diplomatic manner would be much better. Here's how to effectively announce your engagement to everyone you know.


The bride's parents should be told the exciting news first and then the groom's family. When your parents live close by, the best way to break the news is to visit them together in person. If that isn't possible because of the distance, a phone call will work. Both of you should be able to talk with both sets of parents.

Close friends and family

One of the nicest ways to tell your close friends and family members is to plan a dinner party for them. Allow the bride's father to make the announcement during dinner. If a dinner party isn't a possibility and you want them to know right away, go to their house and tell them or call them on the phone.

Those outside your close circle

There are several ways that you can let friends, co-workers and distant family know about your engagement. Put an engagement announcement in your local paper along with a picture of you both and the date of your wedding, if it has been set. You can also send out formal engagement announcement cards, if you prefer.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to announce your engagement to those outside your close circle is to use modern modes of communication. You can create a wedding website where you announce your engagement, post photos of you both as a couple and keep everyone updated as to your wedding plans. Send the URL out to everyone you want to know about your engagement.

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to let your friends know the good news. You can also create an engagement blog and tell your entire story. Another effective method is to search the internet for an engagement e-card and send it to everyone you know.

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