What If Your Family Doesn't Like Your Fiance

It would be a match made in Heaven if families always liked the fiancé. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen, and it is actually common to encounter one or more family members who don't adore your fiancé the way you do. How you deal with the situation may help your family better understand the love you have for your fiancé and your commitment to the relationship.

Before you jump off the deep end and ban the family from the wedding, if you haven't already; sit down and ask pointedly what it is about your fiancé that they don't like. Be prepared to hear words you might not like, and keep in mind that knowing why they don't like him or her will go a long way toward finding a solution or helping them to move past their dislike.

Breathe deeply because, as mentioned before, hearing your family out can be hard to do, but give your family members the chance to speak their mind. Once they've had their say, as hard as it may be, look at things from their perspective. Is there any validity to what they say? If you can allow yourself to step back and see things as they do, you will be able to understand your family and their feelings.

No matter what, you should be reasonable when talking with your family. If you let yourself get steamed and upset, it won't help the situation, and it won't help you to talk to them in the heat of the moment, either. Give everyone time to calm down and think rationally. If you can show a clear head, it may help your family to see that you understand and are trying to work things out with them. They may also realize that you have thought long and hard before making the decision to marry and that your judgment is solid.

In the end, you are the one getting married. While many people believe that when you marry the person you marry the family, this isn't necessarily true. If, after talking to your family, you can't reach an understanding and you are still completely devoted to your fiancé, then there won't be much else you can do to change their mind. Commit to each other, and don't let your family's opinion put a damper on your wedding.

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