Your Engagement Photo: What to Wear

When planning your engagement photo, what to wear is an important decision. A couple's outfits can make or break the engagement photos. This is especially important if you plan on creating engagement photo cards to send as wedding invitations.

Photo Type
One of the most important parts of picking your outfit for an engagement photo is to think about the type of photos you plan on getting. Regardless if your photos are going to be romantic, candid, posed, natural, formal, casual or comical, you need to match your wardrobe to the photo mood. A romantic and formal photo is going to look silly if you're both wearing jeans and T-shirts.

Most couples choose semi-casual or casual garments for their engagement photo wardrobe since they know they'll be wearing formal clothes for the official wedding pictures. This way you get a nice balance of formal and casual photos. Remember that the style of clothes you both wear speaks volumes about your personalities. Stick with styles that truly represent the both of you and are pieces you feel comfortable wearing.

It's important for couples to coordinate their wardrobe styles for engagement photos. You absolutely do not want matching outfits or you'll end up looking like a set of boy and girl dolls. However, you do want to choose outfits that compliment and coordinate each other. For example, if one person is dressed in a flowing gypsy style and the other in a tailored preppy style, the photo is going to appear odd and conflicted. You both need to dress in one of the styles to create sharp and cohesive photos.

Always avoid wearing large amounts of black or white in black-and-white photos. Wearing blue or cream instead gives the same general effect while retaining depth and texture. Large chunks of black or white in your outfit creates flat, unbalanced sections in the pictures. When it comes to color photos, a splash of different hues never hurts, as long as you don't overdue it. Avoid any overly-bright colors, especially neon, to help keep the focus on you and your intended.

Regardless of the type of photo you're taking, avoid wearing single-color outfits or garments with bold patterns. It doesn't matter if the photos are black-and-white or color, a sharp pattern or person dressed head-to-toe in a single color will throw off the balance of the photo.

Always limit your accessories when choosing a wardrobe for engagement photos. Large quantities of flashy jewelry disturb the photo balance and composition. A pair of attractive earrings with a matching necklace will always photograph better than a pair of flashy earrings with several different necklaces. A slim man's watch will also photograph better than a wide and clunky watch.

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