Fall Wedding Ideas

While many brides-to-be have their hearts set on a traditional spring wedding, have you considered the fall? A wedding during off-peak times, especially in late fall, can not only save you money, but it can also provide you with exciting venue options, dress choices and colors. Your options for fall wedding ideas are unlimited, and you can be confident that your wedding will stand out.

Fall Wedding Themes and Decor
Take full advantage of the change of season. Ideas for a natural fall wedding might include a special bridal veil or tiara that includes real fall leaves and flowers. Your bouquet can pop with blazing fall colors. And how about potpourri or fall wreaths as party favors?

As you choose a venue, let nature be your guide. Possible locations for a natural fall wedding include a park, an orchard or even a winery. Wherever you choose, make sure the venue has a good view of the turning leaves, and take the date into account. Leaves will change depending on where you live. If you are in New England, you are in luck, but, if not, you should research the time of year when leaves are at their most colorful.

Also prepare for rainy weather if the ceremony will be outside. Before signing a contract with a venue, discuss alternate plans with the potential venue in case of rain, and find out if they can move inside on short notice. A good venue that handles fall and winter weddings should be able to handle it. To play it safe for an outdoor ceremony, arrange to have a sturdy canopy covering the ceremony area. Then invest in large umbrellas for yourself and your guests so they can move from the ceremony area to the reception area without getting wet.

If you are interested in a theme wedding, such as a Gothic or Renaissance theme, then a natural fall setting would be an excellent fit. For weddings in which many children will attend or be involved, you can't go wrong with throwing in a few touches of Halloween, especially at the dessert table.

Invitations for a natural wedding could be created using natural materials such as leaves and natural rice paper. A pressed leaf inside an invitation would be a delightful surprise that could set the tone. Also keep in mind that invitations don't have to be white. You don't need to go with a bright yellow invitation, but you can find a paper that has a subtle fall shade.

As for the invitation's content, let guests know that they may need to dress more warmly than they would otherwise for a wedding. Layers are key since fall temperatures can be tough to predict. If you are holding a theme wedding, be sure to let guests know what to expect and if they need to wear or bring anything special.

Fall Wedding Apparel
A fall wedding encourages natural touches, so consider wearing apparel made from organic fabrics, like hemp. At the same time, think about comfort. If your fall wedding will be outdoors or if you plan on taking photos outdoors, find a shawl or wrap that complements your gown so you aren't shivering as you take photos or walk down the aisle.

For a fall theme wedding, retailers online and off cater to the medieval or Renaissance style. This type of clothing often involves elegant robes in fall colors such as red and purple. For the adventurous among you, you can hold a Gothic wedding close to Halloween, as the stores will be full of choices.

Fall Wedding Reception
A natural-themed wedding could include all organic foods for the reception, especially those that have fall colors. Pumpkins, squash, corn, natural rotisserie chicken and cruelty-free organic deviled eggs are all great choices.

Natural wedding decor also may include a good amount of fresh organic flowers and leaves for centerpieces. And how about organic potpourri, fresh organic fall garlands or wreaths or mixed fall nuts inside a hollowed pumpkin or gourd for the party favors? The gourd itself could be decorated with fresh fall leaves or flowers. Even fall fruits can work as part of a centerpiece, and guests can take them home as a late-night snack.

A Renaissance or medieval-style wedding reception might feature classical music in the background, or even live harp players or minstrels. Food for this type of wedding could feature fresh apples, roast Cornish hens, roasted nuts and corn.

You can also delight little guests with Halloween desserts. Scary or creepy food recipe ideas found on Halloween Web sites could make up the feast table. If you cannot find caterers who will create the Halloween-style desserts you want, a family member or friend may be willing to come up with ideas and cook the food.

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