Father of the Bride Toast

The father of the bride toast is a traditional component of a wedding day. Following the ceremony, a bride's father has the responsibility of giving a speech that focuses on his daughter, his new son-in-law and the first day of their life as husband and wife.

Traditionally, a bride's parents pay for their daughter's wedding, which means the father serves as the de facto emcee. While other members of the wedding party often give toasts during a wedding day, it is the father of the bride who traditionally kicks off the toasting process.

If you are the father of the bride, you do not want to wait until the last minute to figure out what to say your little girl and her new husband. Plan out your speech, keeping it respectful and meaningful as you thank those involved in the wedding and acknowledge both the bride and groom.

Practice delivering the toast before the actual event so you are comfortable and articulate when speaking. You want everyone at the reception to be able to clearly hear and understand the toast.

Be confident. Your body language should reflect your pride on such a special day. Stand tall and with your shoulders back. If public speaking is not your cup of tea, pretend for just a few minutes. Exuding confidence-even if it's fake-will help your toast sound as charming as possible. Furthermore, your daughter will be touched by your public gesture.

Write keywords or phrases from the toast on a note card for reference. There are many themes to choose from when giving a toast. It can be traditional, such as an Irish or Jewish toast, or an original composition. The key to a good toast is to keep it brief.

An example of a short toast is the Italian wedding toast, "Viva l'amor!" This translates to "long live love."

Before giving the toast, invite the guests to stand and raise their glasses to salute the newlyweds.

Father of the Bride Gift
A couple traditionally thanks the father of the bride for everything he has done to assist with the wedding by giving him a father of the bride gift. The tradition is a sweet way to give the father a cherished keepsake in remembrance of the special day.

A variety of gifts to choose from include personalized gifts such as engraved cuff links and monogrammed handkerchiefs or a specific gift to commemorate the day, such as a framed picture of father and daughter or a photo album with a collage of pictures from the wedding day.  

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