Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

For the mother of the bride, the trickiest part about choosing a wedding hairstyle is making sure it doesn't upstage the bride's look. You want your hair to look more formal and special than your everyday style, but you don't want to go over-the-top glam and risk competing with your daughter's -do.

First, decide if you want to get your hair cut and colored before the wedding. It's best to schedule this a week or two before the big day to avoid any last minute hair emergencies that could occur at the salon.

As the mother of the bride, there isn't any need to do a fancy updo-leave that to the bride and her bridesmaids. Your style really should be similar to your natural look. So if you want to keep your hair down in a simple style, consider getting a professional blow out. A stylist will be able to make your hair look more elegant than you could on your own. At the salon, you could ask for a smooth style, or one with a few curls created with a round brush.

If you prefer to pull your hair back, keep it simple. One way to do it is to buy a pretty barrette or clip and pull half of your hair back. A subtly sparkly accessory will add glamor for the special day, but it doesn't require a lot of curling and pinning and spraying.

Another nice yet fairly simple style is to create soft curls. Again, you could have this look done at the salon. Or you can use hot rollers or a curling iron at home. The curls will give you hair extra body and make you look more glam than usual. And like anything on regarding the wedding day, when in doubt, ask the bride. If you're unsure of how fancy your hair should be, your daughter should be able to give you some guidelines.

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