We're Getting Engaged, He Doesn't Know It Yet

 Back in the day a woman proposing to a man was a joke at best. But now a days with "power women" and "grabbing the bull by the horns" who wants to wait around for their man to get his nerve up to finally pop the question?

 If you're like many women, you find yourself stuck in the never ending rut of that way too comfortable "just dating" phase. Lets face it, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" is way too true. Subconsciously most men want to start a family and be in a committed relationship with the mother of their children, but by seeming happy with the current situation and not keeping an open dialog about your future plans, you're telling him that's not what you want. Suddenly, you're approaching menopause and still just dating that same guy. So now we focus on dragging ourselves out of that rut with him in tow.

 Now you have to put yourself in his shoes. Follow the steps the man typically should take.  Definitely the most important step is to start checking your finances. If you're like most modern families, falling victim to the economy, mom and dad aren't paying for your whole wedding. Your dream day might just end up being a nightmare if you don't plan ahead financially. Find out what dollar amount they're willing to contribute. Its never too early to start pricing dinners per person, gowns, venues, and lets not forget favors! This will give you a general idea of what you're going to have to afford. Otherwise maybe you're not quite as ready as you'd hoped.

 Next, what ring are you going to wear for the rest of you're life? Shining side by side with your wedding band is your engagement ring. Absolutely do not go out and buy this yourself! We know unless he is a jeweler, he knows little to nothing about diamonds and precious metals. So do your research but keep in mind, if he's not a rich fellow, stay in his price range. Rule of thumb is the ring should cost no more than one month of his salary. So probe him for this much needed information or just take a peak at his pay stub. Then off to the jewelry store. Word to the wise, if your not up for going alone take mom... not the girlfriends we're constantly trying to impress with our flashy fashion and big price tags. You're looking for something perfect and timeless that suits you. Pick out a few rings and leave your list of choices and information with the jeweler. That way when you finally make it official you can both go to the jeweler and the hardest part is already done. All he has to do is buy one of your chosen rings.

 Last but not least, the proposal. Remember taking the reins on this important moment shouldn't be emasculating to your soon to be fiance. This is a moment in both your lives where there will be a story to tell, so use your creative ways and the details you've learned about him to make this a moment to remember for all time. A woman getting down on one knee in a crowded place in front of her man is probably an embarrassing  act, so make it less so by using a jumbo-tron at a sports venue or a carefully placed banner in his favorite hangout. Plan ahead. Let the facility know what you're planning. If a public place isn't his style you could also make it simple and stay at home keeping it romantic. Either way, let him know what he means to you and that your ready to take the plunge with him, the man of your dreams, the key to your heart, your soul mate.

 Waiting for him is a thing of the past. You're a grown woman and ready to get going in life so make it happen! You've been waiting for this moment forever and why? Who knows? But now you have the know how to do it yourself. Good luck!

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