Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

This guide to choosing a bridesmaid dress that flatters a woman of any shape will help you with what may seem to be an impossible task. Bridesmaids are rarely all the same size, shape or skin tone and hair color, so finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming. Follow these tips and tricks, however, and you will be able to make choosing a bridesmaid dress fun instead of frantic.

One option is to consider an A-line dress. A classic A-line tends to look good on nearly every body shape, whether tall or short, slim or more robust. Try to avoid anything fitted unless all of your bridesmaids are comfortable with the look.

If her bridesmaids vary widely in size and shape, as well as personal preference, many brides will choose a collection by a specific designer. The dresses will all be the same color, but the styles will vary according to the woman wearing the garment. This is a great way to add some variety to the wedding, and it gives the bridesmaids a little more leeway in the type of dress they purchase. You can maintain a consistent look by having all the gowns made from the same type of fabric.

When choosing bridesmaid dress styles, a wise bride will try to keep the costs affordable for all of the women in the wedding. There are few things more awkward than being asked to participate in a wedding outside of your budget.

A good seamstress or tailor can be the saving grace of the big day, especially if you choose a single style of bridesmaid dress for everyone. A tailor can custom fit each dress to the woman who will wear it, ensuring that everyone looks spectacular.

Accessories are a big part of the perfect bridesmaid look. Either you can choose matching accessories for everyone to create continuity or you can let your bridesmaids choose their own personal style of accessories to add some subtle flair.

Following these simple keys will go far in choosing a bridesmaid dress that flatters everyone for the dream wedding you've always imagined-for everyone.

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