Role of the Junior Bridesmaid

Not quite a full bridesmaid but too old to be a flower girl, the junior bridesmaid is usually a girl between the ages of 8 to 15 who is special to the bride or groom, such as a niece, daughter, sister or close cousin. Her duties depend primarily on her age and how many others are in the bridal party. A junior bridesmaid can be an important part of the wedding party and fulfilling her role will make her feel confident and truly a part of the big day.

The junior bridesmaid has many of the same duties as a bridesmaid. She is to attend any bridal showers or bridal brunches, the rehearsal and take her place in the processional. A junior bridesmaid can also be assigned specific tasks throughout the reception, such as handing out bags of rice for the farewell, programs or party favors. The junior bridesmaid is not expected to attend any bachelorette parties or wedding showers that will have naughty activities or suggestive themes.

Most brides choose a junior bridesmaid's dress that is similar to the other bridesmaids', but a little more conservative. For example, if the bridesmaid dresses feature strapless tops, a junior bridesmaid's dress should be more appropriate for her age. The dress may be of the same material or in a material complementary to the bridesmaids' dresses. Another option may be for the junior bridesmaid to wear a complementary color with a sash that matches the bridesmaids. The junior bridesmaid should also wear stylish flats or low heels, depending on her age.

On the big day, the junior bridesmaid should know her role in the wedding processional. During the wedding processional, junior bridesmaids should walk down the aisle first, followed by bridesmaids, maid of honor, ring bearer, flower girl and bride. Because she is the first one to the front, a junior bridesmaid should stand the farthest away from the center and the bridesmaids will fill in the space between her and the bride. In photos, both pre- and post-ceremony, the junior bridesmaid should also allow bridesmaids and the maid of honor to stand closest to the bride.

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