How to Change Your Name

You probably want to know how to change your name if you are soon to be getting married. Changing your last name is the final step in the marriage process before you and your new spouse spend the rest of your lives together. It is important to prepare before the wedding to change your name, so be sure you have your bases covered when you make the switch.

Before the Wedding
Be sure to tell family friends and colleagues about the switch before the big day is looming overhead. It is becoming more common for a married couple to keep their own last names or for last names to be hyphenated as women control leadership positions in companies or own businesses. Personalized or monogrammed gifts should have the right name or initial after all. Your loved ones can then pass on the information to others so that there is no confusion.

Tell your employers of the switch so e-mail and mailing accounts, business cards or name placards can be changed accordingly.

Remember to book all honeymoon reservations under your maiden name. You will not be able to get a new driver's license, passport or other I.D. until after the wedding and probably not before your honeymoon.

After the Wedding
The first thing you should do is get a new driver's license. Bring your old license, your marriage certificate and the other necessary forms of proof of address. Some DMV's require a new social security card as well so check with your location for their specific policies.

You can download a form offline for a new social security card. You may be able to mail in the form, or for some areas you must go into a social security office. You must present your marriage certificate as proof of your name change.

Once you have a new social security card, you can change the name on your bank accounts, insurance policies and other important documents. Be sure to order new checks and credit cards with your new name.

At work make sure you change your name on your financial information such as tax deductions. This will be important for being credited and also for your social security when you retire.

Start getting used to using your new name-it's one of the perks of getting married and sharing your life with someone!

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