How to Ask a Man to Marry You

To figure out how to ask a man to marry you, you need to take the time to craft such a proposal or request. A proposal is a huge step in a person's life; the more time and thought you place into popping the question, the more likely you are to receive the desired response. Besides, don't you want a memorable story to tell friends, family members and your future children?

First off, consider your man's personality. If he's shy, you may want to veer away from public engagement ideas. If he has a great sense of humor, you may want to invest in a public or humorous proposal. You don't want to pop the question and have him feel embarrassed or think the proposal was cheesy. Thinking about your man's personality will protect against this so that you can hear an affirmative response to your proposal.

Seriously consider the location of this event. Some of the most romantic wedding proposals are linked to the history of your relationship. For example, you could pop the question at the spot of your first date or kiss. This will make the proposal that much more memorable and will show your man that you remember the important moments of your relationship.

You can also choose a location that fits your soon-to-be spouse's interests. For example, if your man loves music, you could propose while at the concert of his favorite band or artist. If your boyfriend loves camping, you could really create a romantic scene at the top of a mountain.

Consider how you want to lead into this proposal. You could drop to one knee while in the middle of a conversation, or you could subtly slip it into conversation over a romantic candlelight dinner.

Finally, be sure to stay flexible. Even the best plans sometimes veer off course. For example, if you wanted to propose while camping, a thunderstorm could defintiely change the mood or even cancel these plans. Be patient, consider rescheduling if things go wrong, or have a backup plan so that you can ensure this proposal is as perfect as possible.

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When thinking up marriage proposal ideas, the location of your proposal is as important as asking your loved one to marry you. The memory of the proposal will last a lifetime and can even be the makings of a great story to pass along to your future offspring.

Creative proposal ideas don't have to be all bells and whistles. 

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