Cultural Wedding Themes: Oriental and Irish

Oriental and Irish wedding themes will not only work to commemorate one's heritage, but can also celebrate a bride or groom's passion for these cultures. For couples who do not like white, the vibrant colors of the Orient will be a welcome change. Since white is the color for funerals in Asia, it is a no-no for Oriental wedding themes. The Irish wedding theme will work well for the bride and groom who like all things Celtic, or medieval, without having to go dark and Gothic.

The Oriental wedding theme. Red and black, together, traditionally stand for good luck and prosperity, while yellow makes a good accent color. As opposed to traditional Western attire, the Oriental wedding gown does not wear the bride but the other way around. As such, the gown should have clean lines and have no frills or froufrou. The hair should not be loose, curly or wavy, but elaborately and carefully styled with enough drama to enhance the straightforward dress.

Lilies and orchids are the flowers of choice for the floral bouquets and table center pieces alike. Additional decorations could consist of floating candles, Chinese lanterns, origami, koi ponds, fish bowls filled with appropriately colored stones, and bamboo stalks. The latter could even double as party favors for guests to have a living memory of the joyous event. Other party favors include fortune cookies, personalized chopsticks or seed packets -- an Asian tradition for the symbolism of growing love.

The Irish wedding theme. Although green is present, the Irish wedding is not so much about the color green as it is about implementing Irish customs. As far as apparel goes, you can go Irish all the way with a blue dress, the ancient color of purity, or a Celtic dress and cloak. Less restrictive options include accentuating a traditional wedding gown and suit with green accents.

One unique factor of the Irish is to wear old shoes for the wedding day to bring good luck. Instead of a bouquet toss, after the ceremony, toss the shoes over the bride's head for more good luck.

Irish weddings have fruitcake instead of the sugary tower of Western weddings. If that does not sound too appealing to some, it is necessary because the mother of the groom is supposed to break a slice of this cake on her daughter-in-law's head to secure an enduring friendship. Besides, the hearty dinner menu consisting of corned beef and cabbage served with Guinness beer and Irish soda bread makes up for it.

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