How to Decorate a Church for a Wedding

In deciding how to decorate a church for a wedding, keep in mind the sanctity of the setting. You want to enhance the setting with tasteful and elegant touches. Wild, festive decorations may be more appropriate for the reception.

There are many places in a church where you can add wedding party decorations. Before deciding on church decorating ideas, find out what is permitted by the church, and then make your choices based on the rules and your wedding color scheme. 

Areas You Might Be Able to Decorate
Find out which areas you are permitted to decorate. Check with the administration of the church about candles, tossing flower petals or rice and when you can get into the room to add your decorations. Areas you might be able to decorate include:

  • Aisles: A white runner, or flower petals along the floor, for example.
  • Pews: Pew bows on the asile end of each pew, flowers or candles, depending on what the church permits and your budget and taste allow. You may also choose something more ornate, such as organza or gossamer draping, baskets of flowers or wreaths.
  • Altar: Usually a centerpiece of a large floral arrangement and a decorative wedding arch are used. You can decorate the arch with flowers, tulle, garland, lights, small white balloons or ribbons. You can also decorate the stair banisters and other features of the altar, if permitted.
  • Entry: The church doorway on the outside and the doorway into the sanctuary can be decorated in a way that welcomes the guests. Consider small plants, balloons, tulle, ribbons or flowers. You can place luminaries or covered candles on the steps leading up to the doorway, if allowed. These are especially inviting in the evening.

Decorating the church for your wedding is an important part of the setup. You may wish to hire a florist to help with this, or enlist the help of family and friends. Always use care if you choose candles, so that they are not in a place where they could burn guests or start a fire. With a little prep work, your church setting will be an elegant frame for the beauty of your ceremony.


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