How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

Thinking about how to decorate a wedding arch for your special day? Of all the wedding party decorations, the wedding arch may be the most important. It will be in the direct view of all the guests during the wedding ceremony. You want it to be just perfect as a frame for your ceremony, and for those wedding photos. The wedding arch can be a part of the indoor or outdoor wedding decorations, but your choice of materials and ornamentation should be appropriate for the setting. 

The Bare Frame
You can start with a plain arch of the right size and shape, and then add the decorations of your choice. Some crafting stores will have a bare frame in metal, wood or plastic. You might find different shapes, such as a heart-shaped top, or a squared-off arch. Whether you start with a traditional rounded arch or a different shape, this will be the basic frame to hold your decorative artistry. You can also ask someone to build a frame for you as an alternative to purchasing one from a crafting store.

Decorating to Suit Your Wedding

  • Balloons: If your wedding will be indoors, you may choose balloons. Don't worry, because white, pastel-colored or pearl-finish balloons can have an elegant look. You can choose balloons that match the color theme of the wedding.
  • Flowers: Florists are great at creating living designs for an arch. If you can, involve your wedding florist in covering the arch with flowers and foliage. Remember that you can choose different combinations of flowers, branches, leaves and fronds, depending on the time of year, your color scheme and an indoor or outdoor setting. If you're considering a floral arch as part of your church decorating ideas, be sure to ask if any types of flowers or greenery aren't allowed. Plants that drip sap or that can easily shed into lots of tiny pieces probably won't be appreciated.
  • Organza: You can drape organza around your arch, letting ribbons of it hang down, creating a wispy effect. This is especially effective for an outdoor wedding. The breeze will make a flowing look that will be very lovely.
  • Other Materials: Be as creative as you like, choosing materials such as bamboo, seashells, silk, pine, white Christmas lights or others. Choose things that fit your theme, location and color scheme.

Wedding arches surround the bride and groom. You don't need one, but it frames you and accentuates you on your special day. If doing it yourself just adds stress, get professional design help, or get family and friends to led a hand.

Make sure that the arch isn't too busy. Like a good picture frame, the arch should enhance the bride and groom, rather than competing with them for the eye's attention. Avoid garish colors or objects that call attention to themselves. If the wedding is taking place outdoors during the day, stay away from highly polished materials, shiny metals or mirrored elements. Anything that's too shiny could wind up bouncing sunlight directly into your guests' eyes.

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