Are Wedding Dresses With Color Appropriate

Do you like the idea of wedding dresses with color? Most women dream of their wedding day, picturing themselves in a flowing white gown as they walk down the aisle to take their vows with their own Prince Charming. This traditional image is certainly a pretty one, but for some brides is becoming outdated. Brides choosing wedding dresses with color other than white is a growing trend that has created some of the most unique and interesting gown choices ever imagined. Granted, there may be some arguments from friends and family of the significance of a white gown, but the fact of the matter is that it is the bride's day and she should do what makes her happy.

In other cultures, white is rarely the color of choice for a wedding dress. The trend of wearing white as a wedding dress color started in England, when Queen Victoria wore white during her 1940 wedding. In the grand scheme of things, a white wedding dress is a fairly new tradition. Prior to that, brides dressed to their social status, wearing their best clothing or having a dress made in any color other than red or black, as those colors had other significance.

Many people believe that white symbolizes purity, making it the appropriate choice for a wedding gown. While the symbolism may be true, there are many other attributes that can be demonstrated by color in your wedding. For example, blue is said to symbolize loyalty, while pink is often associated with love. Purple is a sign of royalty and nobility. Arguing the point that there is another aspect of your relationship that you would like to symbolize with the color of your dress can help to sway some of the nay-sayers to your side.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a dress for your wedding is that you should feel beautiful and special on the most important day of your life. Choose a dress that suits your personality and your relationship and you will be sure to look stunning, no matter what color you choose to walk down the aisle. The color of your dress is not what is important, it's the commitment that you are making to the one you love that counts the most.

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