What Do I Wear to a Wedding in September

"What do I wear to a wedding in September?" This is a difficult question to answer. With the weather rapidly changing, September is a mixture of summer and fall. Finding wedding attire that is appropriate for the occasion, yet flexible enough to keep you cool during the warmer days and warm during the cooler nights is a tough task, but it's possible to narrow down your options.

The Unique Problem Of September
An invitation to the unique fall wedding requires creative thinking. Because most weddings are held in spring or summer, weddings that occur in fall are much more challenging in regards to clothing. Floral or pastel dresses are no longer appropriate because of the change of season. If you subscribe to the notion that white shoes should not be worn after Labor Day, this narrows your possibilities. Furthermore, because of September's often pleasant temperatures, many weddings are held outdoors, which may complicate your decision even further.

What To Wear In Different September Weddings
There are four types of weddings that you may be invited to: black tie, formal, semi-formal and casual, and each one presents different options:

Black Tie: For black tie weddings, a tuxedo and bow tie are appropriate for men. Black tie weddings often occur in the evening, and so men can feel comfortable wearing heavier fabrics. Always opt for black tuxedos. Women should wear evening gowns with wraps to stay warm when the temperature cools.

Formal: Formal weddings, often referred to as "black tie optional," offer more wiggle room. These weddings allow a man to wear a suit if he does not own a tux and does not want to rent one. Men should be sure to wear black or darker-colored suits. Women can wear evening gowns, but they can also venture into cocktail attire.

Semi-Formal: Men attending semi-formal weddings can forego the jacket and just wear a dress shirt with a nice pair of slacks. Men should still wear ties to semi-formal weddings. Women can wear cocktail-length dresses or pants suits.

Casual: Casual wedding attire is similar to business casual. Jeans, t-shirts or tank tops are not appropriate. Men can wear polo shirts with dress pants, and women can wear a dress shirt with a skirt.

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